2016 Alumni Tour

During September 2016, Kama Lee-Tal and Nasr Al-Qadi, two of our alumni, will be visiting universities throughout the United States to speak about their experiences at the Arava Institute, and answer any questions raised by faculty and students. Please contact Ari Massefski for details about their talk at your university!

The Arava Institute will also be hosting a university tour in spring 2017. Please contact Ari to book a date during the 2017 tour!

Monday, September 12th New York, NY
Tuesday, September 13th Binghamton, NY
Wednesday, September 14th Albany, NY
Thursday, September 15th Burlington, VT
Friday, September 16th Bennington, VT
Friday, September 16th Williamstown, MA
Saturday, September 17th Boston, MA
Sunday, September 18th Boston, MA
Monday, September 19th Worcester, MA
Tuesday, September 20th Amherst, MA
Wednesday, September 21st Storrs, CT
Thursday, September 22nd New Haven, CT
Friday, September 23rd Hartford, CT