Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • 2016 Alumni Conference

    90 Arava Institute graduates gathered this weekend for the 10th annual Arava Alumni Peace and Environmental Network (AAPEN) conference. This year's conference took place in Beit Jalla, West Bank, and was attended by former and current students from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and other countries. Unfortunately visas for former Jordanian students ...

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  • Letting the Israeli Government Off the Hook?

    On December 3rd, 2014, during construction work connected to the new international airport next to the community of Beer Ora, 15 minutes north of Eilat, an oil pipeline belonging to the Eilat Ashqelon Pipeline Company (EAPC) erupted and poured 5 million liters (around 1.3 million gallons) of oil into the Arava ...

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  • Director’s Blog – Empathizing With The “Other”

    Over the years, the turbulent political situation in the Middle East provides numerous opportunities for our multi-national group of students to exercise the listening and dialogue skills which they learn during the Peace-building Leadership Seminar (PLS). Even without a specific political or security event to trigger tension or confrontation, the ...

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