Monthly Archives: July 2017

  • Alumna guest post: Collectively unpacking the ecology of the conflict

    Nahal Zin, sketch by Miriam Grunfeld In July 2016 I left the Arava Institute after spending almost a year in this small, unique place in the Israeli desert as part of a group of Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian and international students and interns. While there were some in our group who ...

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  • Director’s Blog July 2017: Israeli’s First Amendment Rights?

    Israel does not have a constitution. While Israel's Proclamation of Independence calls for a written constitution to be adopted by the Elected Constituent Assembly (which became the Israeli Knesset), the lack of a consensus about the nature and purpose of the State of Israel and specifically the role of religion ...

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  • Spring 2017 Student Photo Contest

    During the Spring 2017 semester all students and interns were invited to participate in an ongoing photo contest. See the winners and a selection of other photos in our Spring 2017 Student Photo Contest flipbook! ...

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