Corey Mikami memorial planting

On the Jewish holiday of Tu BiShvat, the “New Year of the Trees”, we gathered at the Arava Institute’s Experimental Orchards/Shelter Garden to plant plants in memory of Corey Mikami, a 1998-1999  alum of the Institute who sadly passed away in November 2017.

The modest and meaningful ceremony in the Middle Eastern Medicinal Plants section was held with representatives of Corey Mikami’s family, Julie and Yitzhak Auerbach, and a number of Arava Institute staff members. Dr. Elaine Solowey, Director of the Center for Sustainable Agriculture, remembered Corey fondly as “a very aware person who loved the trees”.

May his memory be a blessing.

One thought on “Corey Mikami memorial planting

  1. This is the most beautiful tribute to my dear friend, Corey. He loved life so much, never more evident than in a treasured walk in nature or gracious, (expert) run down the snowy slopes. He is always in my heart and I am looking forward to sharing many hikes and ski runs with his Mother, Cindy, in the near future.
    I know we’ll be laughing and crying our way along in our joyful memories of Corey.