Arava Artist Residency Program

The Arava Artist Residency Program is initiated to be a not-for-profit arts project with the mission to support emerging and mid-career Israeli and international visual artists, encouraging dialogue and experimentation through workshops, residencies, and exhibitions. 

The program will provide an annual opportunity to visual artists, aged 25 years and older, who need time and space to explore ideas and start new projects. We encourage work relating to the environment and friendship among nations, and welcome collaborations between the fellow artist in residency and Arava Institute students, as well as with the community of Kibbutz Ketura and the larger Arava region.

The Arava Artist Residency Program will host two artists together, for a one-month residency at Kibbutz Ketura, including accommodation, a large studio space, a modest stipend and access to the Institute’s student lounge.

Requirements of the fellow artist in residency

  • Donate one work to the Arava Artist Residency Program
  • Hold a workshop for Arava Institute students
  • Give a lecture about their work for the Negev
  • Participate in exhibitions at the art gallery of Ben Gurion University and partner locations in Tel Aviv/Jerusalem


For more information please contact program director Orlee Malka Hadari.