Peace-building Leadership Seminar Resources

Recommended readings & films for the Peace-building Leadership Seminar

In our weekly Peace-building Leadership Seminar (PLS) 3-hours sessions, you will talk about the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, what’s happening today, and possible solutions. Broader issues will probably come up too: personal identity, nationality, hope, despair, war and peace, not just in the Middle East.

PLS has no required readings and you are not expected to be experts on the Middle East! But having a basic understanding of the historic context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will allow you to participate more meaningfully in the group dialogue.

The PLS Resource List provides suggested readings and viewings to give you a solid beginning for the dialogue. The list is neither complete nor neutral – that’s impossible in this context! Whatever you choose, view or read it with an open mind.

Do this important preparation for the PLS dialogue before you arrive! Once you’re here, it will be much harder to find the time.

  • Videos: Some items are accessible through the links in the list – best with Google Chrome. For others you must find a way to stream/download/view it on Youtube, etc. If you find a good link for an item, send it to me and I’ll add it to the list.
  • Books: You are encouraged to read a book from this list before you arrive! If you buy a book, bring it with you (after reading it) and if you like, offer to donate it to the PLS bookshelf here, so others can read it too. You may even be refunded for the cost of the book (bring proof of purchase, e.g. a receipt).


Peace-building Leadership Seminar Resources List for Spring 2018 semester