The Arava Institute is home to five renowned research centers, each with its own environmental mission and applied technology. Each year, the Arava Institute accepts interns who focus their research in one or two of these centers.

An internship at the Arava Institute is an opportunity to contribute substantively to transboundary research while gaining valuable experience in the academic or professional field of their choice. Institute interns work on a defined project while learning about their faculty advisor’s area of specialization and about the broader complexities of trans-boundary research, education, and management. Interns develop skills in environmental research and development, environmental policy, or non-profit management; gain important professional contacts; and become a vital part of the global network of accomplished Arava Institute alumni.

Depending on the length of their internship, Arava Institute interns often become integrated into the student body at the Institute. By living and learning with others interns and students from the Middle East and abroad, interns form friendships and develop skills that will enable them to lead the region in solving environmental challenges through partnership and mutual understanding. Interns participate with students on educational field trips, PELS sessions, and extracurricular activities such as culture night and holidays.

Meet the Interns

Sami and Faryn in Wadi Rum Read more about the current participants in the internship program at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.

Meet the Interns