Academic Program Policies

Academic Program Policies

Whether you are a prospective student or already enrolled for a future semester, we are excited that you are interested in the Arava Institute’s academic program! Please see below for academic policies by which all students are expected to abide.

Academic Program Requirements

  • Each student is officially registered at Ben Gurion University of the Negev in order to receive academic credit.  This is organised by the Arava Institute as part of our official registration process.
  • Each student is expected to register for 4 or 5 courses (12 – 15 credits), including at least one compulsory interdisciplinary course. All students are required to participate in the Peace-building Leadership Seminar (PLS), a non-credit course.
  • All necessary reading material will be provided online.
  • Course registration will take place during orientation. Students choose courses with the help of academic advisors. If you or your university needs to see syllabi or other academic information in advance, we will send you the information as required.
  • On completing the semester students will receive official transcripts from Ben Gurion University. You will be asked to provide us the address of the school where you would like your transcripts to be sent on completion of the semester. A copy of the transcript will be sent to your home as well. For more information and/or to acquire additional transcripts, please refer to the transcript section on our website.
  • All exams at the Arava Institute are taken at the Ben Gurion University campus in Eilat; as per their regulations. Therefore, it is not possible for students to leave early and have exams adjudicated elsewhere including at other academic institutions.

Attendance Requirements

  • This is a full-time program with a weekly schedule of courses and activities scheduled Sunday through Thursday.
  • Please check the academic calendar for your semester’s dates. You are expected to be present for the full duration of the program, including orientation and wrap-up.
  • You are expected to attend all lectures and activities. You can have up to 2 unexplained absences in each course without this affecting your evaluation; further absences will result in a deduction of points per class missed.
  • The semester program includes a fun and meaningful Campus Life Program of activities including student clubs, organized group activities, workshops, and twice-a-month Village Councils to discuss together the campus community experience. Attendance at these activities is an integral part of your participation in the program.
  • All participants are expected to attend the weekly Peace-building Leadership Seminar (PLS) dialogue sessions on Tuesdays from 14:00 – 17:00 (Exact time subject to change.)
  • In addition to day trips in many of the academic classes, there are two semester trips that all participants will attend:
    • Negev Trip (Fall Semester)/Water Trip (Spring Semester)
    • Peace-building Leadership Seminar Trip in Jerusalem

In general your weekends are free. There may occasionally be weekend workshops scheduled during the semester. In this event, the dates will be announced well in advance and your attendance will be expected.

Guest Policy

Friends and family love to visit you at the Arava Institute. We welcome your guests, but we must keep in mind the issues of food, lodging, and atmosphere:

Remember that meals in the Dining Room are not free (the Institute pays for them and must account for your guests).  Also consider the atmosphere on campus. Respect each others’ needs for quiet, privacy, and academic work space.


*All requests must be approved by the Campus Life Coordinator*

  • Please notify the CLC about guests as early as possible. There is a limit to how many guests we can have on kibbutz at one time, and they must be approved ahead of time.
  • If guests are coming for a weekend, you must get them approved by Tuesday at the latest to secure them a space in the dining hall on Friday night.
  • Students may have no more than two guests at a time.
  • Student guests can stay for no more than two nights/three days.
  • Guests should eat NO MORE THAN 6 meals in the Dining Hall. Keep track of how many and which meals your guests eat. All meals must be reported to the CLC immediately after the visit. Additional meals must be paid for to the CLC in the Campus Life office.
  • Each student is allowed to have guests a maximum of three times in a semester.
  • You are responsible for hosting your guests in your room or unit – this must be acceptable to all unit members and roommates. Alternatively, your guests may opt to stay at Keren Kolot, Kibbutz Ketura’s guest house or other accommodation in the area. Please ask about rates in the Keren Kolot lobby.
  • NO PETS are allowed to visit!

Arava Institute staff and faculty

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