Summer 2014

  8/15/14 Arava Institute Alumni Gatherings  

Cross-border Connections Continue

This year a record breaking number of Arava Institute alumni gathered around the world at conferences to discuss ways to strengthen their partnerships, heighten their entrepreneurial efforts and continue their shared mission of creating a more peaceful and sustainable Middle East.

NAAAN Alumni

On April 27th, nearly 30 alumni, both North American and Middle Eastern, gathered in Washington DC, at the second annual North American Arava Alumni Network Conference. The alumni participated in a morning of ice-breakers as well as deep discussion about integrating into their communities after their time at the Institute and how they would like to see the alumni network grow over time.

The gathering likewise gave alumni the opportunity to meet the Friends of the Arava Institute Board of Trustees. Through a networking lunch and an afternoon public forum, the alumni were able to share their stories with trustees and make valuable professional and personal connections.

A month later, over 100 alumni gathered in Madaba, Jordan at a conference organized by the Arava Alumni Peace and Environmental Network (AAPEN). During this two day conference, alumni met with staff, faculty, current students and associates of the Arava Institute and discussed their latest projects and brainstormed opportunities for further cross-border cooperation.