Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund

Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian students attending the Arava Institute often come from backgrounds where educational funding is not available. Therefore, the Arava Institute has created a scholarship program for participants from the Middle East. The scholarships are awarded to candidates who will personally and professionally benefit from academic studies at the Arava Institute, but who are unable to bear the full financial burden of tuition and living expenses. A scholarship covers the full costs of students’ tuition, room and board, activities and educational trips. The Arava Institute has a policy of need-blind admissions, providing every Middle Eastern student with the means to pay for a full semester of study. A year scholarship for one student costs $18,000. Each year, approximately 15 to 20 Middle Eastern students receive scholarships.

The Need for Scholarship

Scholarships to Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian students enable the Arava Institute to maintain cultural diversity within the student body and ensure different social representation at the Institute. The Arava Institute believes that the social and political relationships within and between groups throughout the region have a significant influence on environmental practices, and therefore aims to foster productive cross-cultural communication in the interest of shared environmental goals.

Contact Us to Find Out More

To find out more about named scholarship opportunities and the scholarship fund, please contact Branwen Cale, National Executive Director of the Friends of the Arava Institute, at (617) 266 7100