New pre-feasability study by AIES researchers considers water conveyance routes to the Dead Sea

A Pre-Feasibility Study on Water Conveyance Routes to the Dead Sea

KIBBUTZ KETURA, ISRAEL – Increased consideration should be given to a Mediterranean Sea-Dead Sea conveyance (Med-Dead), according to the researchers at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies – Center for Trans-boundary Water Management. This approach demonstrates a departure from the Red Sea-Dead Sea conduit that has been proposed in the past.

A new pre-feasibility study provides a comprehensive summary of previous research done on the Med-Dead conveyance, describing four different potential Med-Dead solutions from a historical, economic, engineering, environmental and political perspective. The Arava Institute research team looks forward to exploring the most promising possibilities, and the benefits therein for the surrounding region.

The researchers highlight the potential for the Med-Dead conveyance to contribute to water security, energy security, and food security in the region, factors which have implications for regional cooperation between Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian territories.

“Much of the conflict in the Middle East stems from the difficulty of sharing scarce natural resources. If the Med-Dead conveyance is a success, it will ameliorate regional tension in a significant way,” says Dr. Clive Lipchin, Director of Center for Transboundary Water Management, Arava Institute.

The study also outlines many other potential benefits that the proposed Med-Dead conveyance will bring to the surrounding area, such as those in regional development and agriculture.

The prefeasibility study is sponsored by Willner Bros. Ltd.

Full reference: Samuel E. Willner, Clive Lipchin, Shira Kronich, Tal Amiel, Nathan Hartshorne and Shae Selix. 2013. A Pre-Feasibility Study on Water Conveyance Routes to the Dead Sea. Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.

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