GREENinMED: Second open call for hotels to receive free sustainability consultation

EU funded project to bring eco-innovative solutions in energy and water management to the Israeli hotel industry

illustration: light bulb with waterThe hotel industry in the Mediterranean at large, and Israel specifically, is one of the most important worldwide and continues to register significant growth. After a challenging year during the COVID-19 crisis, the Israeli tourism industry is now looking forward to renew its domestic and international success in the coming months and years.

The growing demands of the tourism industry come with several environmental drawbacks such as the substantial consumption of water and energy. With the aim of helping hotels to stay competitive and improve at the same time their capacity of eco-innovation, GREENinMED proposes an integrated approach for the development of new products and services addressed to the efficient use of water and energy, and reduction in consumption by 10% within the hotel industry. To reach this goal, selected tourism businesses will be paired with expert consultants in the environmental field, focusing on the adaptation of eco-innovative products and services to individual needs.

After a first campaign during the summer of 2021, the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and Kinneret Academic College have launched a second call to select an additional five small and medium-sized hotels to be granted an Eco-Innovation Voucher consultation within the framework of the GREENinMED project, and a call for environmental experts to compete for the opportunity to provide their services as consultants. The value of the consultation provided is set at 2,000 Euro.

Opening of calls: 14/10/2021
Deadline for submission of candidacy for hotels and consultants: 31/12/2021

Both calls and application forms (in Hebrew) are available here.

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