Spring 2019 Arrival Information

Please review the following information very carefully and then send an e-mail to admissions@arava.org, to let her know where you will be getting on the bus on the first day of the semester, February 12th, 2019.

If you are participating in the early Hebrew program for Masa scholarship recipients, starting on September 3rd, please contact Laura Shulton for details on your arrival.


Those who are starting in Tel Aviv will be meeting at Tel Aviv Center – Savidor Train Station on Arlozorov Street and Namir Boulevard (view the map here).  We will be meeting there at 10:30, outside the main entrance of the train station (NOT the bus station which is adjacent), under the big clock.

You will be meeting with Tamara (054-4690013).  Please call her if you are having trouble finding the group, or if you are running late!


Those who are coming from Jerusalem will meet outside the Ambassador Hotel on Nablus Road in East Jerusalem (view the map here) at 12:00.

Once the bus leaves Jerusalem, it is about a 4 hour ride to Kibbutz Ketura.  The bus will make stops along the way so you can stretch your legs, use the bathroom, or have a snack. You are expected to arrive around 17:00, and we will be ready and waiting to welcome you to your new home.


You will be picked up at the beginning of the semester from the border crossing in Eilat.  If you have any questions about your arrival, please contact Laura Shulton.

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