Minor Program for Israeli Students

Minor Program for Israeli Students

The Arava Institute offers a minor in Environment and Society to Israeli undergraduate students. The courses in the minor program are recognized and approved by academic institutions.


The Program

The minor is built around a core curriculum that emphasizes interdisciplinary study. The minor is designed to give students a strong foundation in environmental sciences and policy. In doing so it deepens the students understanding of regional environmental challenges. All teaching and evaluation are in English.

In addition to their course work, all students participate in the Peace-building Leadership Seminar (PLS) and the Environmental Leadership Seminar (EL) where they engage in dialogue focused on understanding current political, social, and cultural issues, exploring dual narratives, and learning intercultural communication and environmental leadership skills.

Application Process

After an academic year at the Arava Institute students will earn 28 credits.

The requirements

The Environment and Society Minor requires the completion of 6 compulsory courses (19 credits ) and 3 elective courses ( 9 credits) and will include one semester trip. To learn more about the course offerings available in the Minor Program please review the courses below and the course descriptions.


Course Number Credit Course Name
Compulsory courses 19 credits
128-1-2301 3 Introduction to Environmental Policy
128-1-0201 3 Introduction to Environmental Ethics
128-1-0129 3 Introduction to Environmental Science
128-1-0078 3 Introduction to Ecology
128-1-0049 3 Water Management in the Middle East
128-1-2271 3 Climate Change : Science and Policy
1 Semester trips
Not for credit Peace-building and Environmental leadership Seminar
Elective Courses 9 Credits
128-1-0139 3 Introduction to Earth Science
128-1-1781 3 Alternative Energy Science
128-1-0149 3 Environmental Education : From Theory to Practice.
128-1-0019 3 “Collapse” Environmental Anthropology
128-1-0351 3 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture
128-1-0079 3 EcoHealth
128-1-1521 3 Archeology and Human Ecology
128-1-0018 3 Ecology of the Arava
113-1-001 3 Basics of Organic Food Production
128-1-0029 3 Environmental Politics


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