The project was aimed at development and optimization of a stand-alone fully automated water distillation unit with no infrastructure or external energy source required. The project converted unsafe or salt water into potable water for human consumption or irrigation. The unique, environmentally friendly distiller solution based on the CSP (concentrated solar power) technology was built in the CREEC Research Park. A large parabolic mirror with a tracking system, concentrated solar thermal energy onto a small area of a specially designed water vessel. The concentrated light was used as a heat source for boiling the water and then condensing the vapor into clean water, leaving solid contaminants behind. The basic unit can convert roughly 300 – 400 liters per day. The developed unit is the perfect “green” solution for urban, rural and remote target communities for basic fresh water needs. Studying the unit capabilities will help improve the next generations of the unit and offer a water solution to a wide range of communities in need.