Kate Cohen

Kate Cohen was born and raised in San Francisco, California, and first came to the Arava Institute as a student in the fall semester of 2007. She then went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy at Mills College of Oakland, California in 2012. During the interim time, she spent a year studying Middle East History and Conflict Resolution Theory at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, while interning at the Max Rayne Hand in Hand School. Kate also studied at Carleton College where she was a collegiate synchronized swimmer, and at Mills College where she co-led a club for community building through creativity. After graduating, Kate worked as an analyst in the San Francisco City Performance Division of the Controller’s Office, while also taking courses at the Bay Area Nonviolent Communication Program in order to pursue her interest in facilitating dialogue. After 8 months traveling in Nepal, India, and South East Asia, Kate returned to Kibbutz Ketura in May 2014. Kate worked as a Program Associate for the 2014-2015 academic year during which she assisted the facilitation team in the planning and facilitation of the Peace-building Leadership Seminar. Kate draws on her experience as a student and a P.A. at AIES, as well as her background in Non-violent Communication and group facilitation, in her role as coordinator of the Peace-building Leadership Seminar and works collaboratively with students and interns, guest presenters from a variety of fields, and Arava Institute staff to create a meaningful and impactful program experience.

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