Winter 2017 Arava Institute Alumni Tour


During January and February 2017, Arava Institute alumni Muhanad Alkharaz and Zohar Weiss will be visiting universities throughout the United States. They will speak about their experiences at the Arava Institute and answer any questions raised by faculty and students. Please contact Ari Massefski for details about their talk at your university!

The Arava Institute will also be hosting a University Tour in Fall 2017. Please contact Ari to book a date during the Fall tour!

Monday, January 30th University of Colorado, Boulder
Tuesday, January 31st University of Denver
Wednesday, February 1st University of California, Santa Cruz
Thursday, February 2nd University of California, Berkeley
Friday, February 3rd Stanford University; University of San Francisco
Saturday, February 4th San Francisco, CA
Sunday, February 5th San Francisco, CA
Monday, February 6th University of Washington
Tuesday, February 7th Oregon State University; University of Oregon
Wednesday, February 8th University of Wisconsin, Madison
Thursday, February 9th Loyola University of Chicago; University of Illinois, Chicago
Friday, February 10th Allegheny College
Saturday, February 11th Events canceled due to inclement weather
Sunday, February 12th Events canceled due to inclement weather
Monday, February 13th Events canceled due to inclement weather
Tuesday, February 14th Clark University
Wednesday, February 15th Northeastern University; Tufts University
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