Center for Climate Change Policy and Research

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Recent years have been acknowledged as the hottest in the modern era, climate systems show instability and change from regular patterns, extreme climate events (sandstorms, floods, fires, drought, etc.) affect human lives all over the world, food production is decreased by soil erosion and climatic variability, species extinction decreases the contribution of ecosystem services that support standard living systems. These adverse effects, caused by human activity, place humanity, for the first time since its existence, at a critical time, which requires significant multi-systemic and international action to reduce the environmental effects and allow future generations to live in a sustainable, inclusive and resilient world.

The Center for Climate Change Policy and Research, directed by Dr. Elise Machline, integrates the Arava Institute’s various research activities for an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to face the challenges posed by climate change, in order to ensure a system-wide treatment of society-economy-environment, which will deepen our understanding of processes and make it possible to find the necessary solutions.

Dr. Elise Machline

Dr. Elise Machline

Dr. Elise Machline was born and raised in France. She received her first degree in Geography from Paris 10 University. Dr. Machline immigrated to Israel in 2003, and holds a Masters degree in Desert Studies from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. In 2018, she completed her PhD in Environmental Studies and Geography at the Sorbonne University in cooperation with Ben-Gurion University, with a focus on the socio-economic impacts of green building policies through a comparative analysis between France and Israel.

Following a post-doctoral position at Ben-Gurion University researching “green” building policies, Dr. Machline joined the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research in 2019 as an associate researcher. She contributed to a national project on social housing policies, and joined the Habitat Observatory of the Luxembourg Ministry of Housing, overseeing research projects, workshops and conferences that focus on sustainable urbanism policies to mitigate climate change.

Currently, Dr. Machline is part of the Ecourbanism Research Network, a site for sharing knowledge and experience about eco-urban neighbourhoods in different parts of the world. Dr. Machline has published and presented widely on the topic of sustainable urbanism policies to mitigate climate change, and published the book: "Green-neighbourhoods and Eco-gentrification."

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The Ecourbanism Research Network aims to share knowledge and experience about eco-urban neighbourhoods in different parts of the world, to be utilized in urban climate change mitigation. [Read more]