The New Guardians of Nature

This collaborative research project explores environmentalism, environment and development as powerful terrains for social change, and their relationship with neoliberal governance and ethnic conflict, particularly in the geographical context of Israel’s southern desert. The project looks at issues of land, water, social movement, and desert communities and  is currently focused on  several topics and sites of explorations:
  • Solitary farms and farmers as a form of development around the northern and the central Negev region in urban and non-urban settings
  • The Green Patrol, Hashomer HaChadash [the New Guardian] organization and other private forms of green securitization in the Negev and the Arava regions
  • Changes in the production of environmental knowledge, science and expertise. The emergence of neoliberal science and the policies and politics developing as a result.
  • Urban and non-urban sustainable redevelopment politics
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