The New Guardians of Nature

This collaborative research project explores environmentalism and development as key areas for social and political change. In particular, the project examines relationships between environment, environmentalism and neoliberal governance in the geographical context of Israel’s Negev highland. At several study sites, the project engages theoretical and political debates around critical sustainability, environmental security and freedom, and green imperialism.


  • Solitary farms and farmers around the Negev highland near urban and non-urban settings (since 2010)
  • “Hashomer Hachadash” organization in the Negev and the Arava region

With Arava Institute alumni contributors Eve Tendler and Ofek Ravid

  • The return of agriculture and food production in unrecognized Bedouin Villages

In collaboration with Dr. Noa Avni, Dr. Avshalom Babbbad, The Dead Sea and Arava Science Center, UC Berkeley Blum Center for Developing Economies, and the Bedouin communities of Bir Hadage, Wadi Aricha and Abde

  • Critical Sustainability: Off grid and Environmental subjectivity in Bedouin and Palestinian communities

In collaboration with Dr. Clive Lipchin, of Center for Transboundary Water Management and intern Dor Chavoinik of UC Berkeley