The Environmental Dialogue Project

The Environmental Dialogue Project

Environmental Peacebuilding and Cooperation in Israel and Palestine

This Fall, Middle Eastern Arava Institute alumni will be hosting a series of conversations and workshops in the USA that highlight the transformative use of dialogue in the Middle East and beyond.

Stories of Dialogue and Collaboration

Alumni speakers will share their experiences before, during, and after the Arava Institute, and illustrate how dialogue has been a tool for environmental peacebuilding in their lives. Participants will also be able to hear more about how to get more involved in the mission of the Arava Institute. 

Building our Capacity for Dialogue

Alumni speakers will lead a workshop where participants can learn more about the tools of dialogue and how to engage in environmental peacebuilding in their own communities. The group will address the matter of dialogue vs. debate, how dialogue reveals what lies beneath the surface of conflict, and how to transform dialogue into action. Space is limited for these events, so we encourage you to register in advance.

Events are free, but honoraria are gratefully accepted and are used to support the Environmental Dialogue Project and the work of the Arava Institute. Donate here.

Want to bring the Environmental Dialogue Project to your neck of the woods?

A pair of alumni speakers can hold a half-hour conversation, an hourlong workshop, or both for your college, university, high school, interfaith community, or congregation. Please use the form linked here to book an event for your community.

Upcoming Events

All times are in Eastern Standard Time, unless marked otherwise

  • Tuesday, October 10, at Brandeis University
  • Wednesday, October 11, at Smith University
    • 4:15 p.m. ET
  • Thursday, October 12, at Clark University
    • 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. ET
  • Friday, October 13, at Bennington College

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