Alumni Resources


Alumni of the Arava Institute who wish to know their grades for unofficial purposes should send a request by email to stating their full name and their dates of study at the Arava Institute. The Institute will provide a complete list of grades as they appear in our records.


Official Transcripts

Transcripts for coursework at the Arava Institute are issued by Ben Gurion University (Overseas Student Program). Arava Institute final grades are forwarded directly to Ben Gurion University upon completion of the Arava Institute’s program and full payment of all outstanding debts to the Arava Institute.

Official transcripts are mailed by Ben Gurion University directly to the institutions requested by the student. Each student will receive an unofficial copy of her / his transcript. The official copy is sealed with a stamp across the envelope to ensure validity.

At the end of the semester you will have to complete a transcript request form and bring it to the Arava Institute office. It is important to print your name, address, social security/ passport number correctly. Include the name of the person or department to receive the transcript, the name of the university and the exact address, including the building, room number and zip code.

Additional copies of the transcript can be mailed to students after they return home. There is a small fee for each transcript request (payable only by bank check), which must be enclosed with the exact mailing information.

For further information on transcripts, please contact us at


Official Letters

If you are an alumnus of the Arava Institute and you need an official letter, such as a letter of recommendation or other document, please send a request to which will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member. Please describe the exact purpose of the letter and provide your complete contact information including:

  • Title and name
  • University or organization name
  • Complete mailing address

Alternatively, alumni may wish to contact the relevant staff or faculty member directly. All staff and faculty contact information can be found here.