Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

The academic year at the Arava Institute is divided into two semesters. The fall semester conventionally runs from September to January and the spring semester from February to June.

The Arava Semester/Study Abroad Program is a full time residential program. The academic week is from Sunday to Thursday. Classes typically meet twice a week for a period of 90 minutes. Periodically there are workshops or seminars on a weekend, either Friday or Saturday.

CALENDAR FOR THE 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 ACADEMIC YEARS

SPRING 2024     5 FEBRUARY, 2024 – 6 JUNE, 2024

FALL 2024           2 SEPTEMBER, 2024 – 2 JANUARY, 2025

SPRING 2025     10 FEBRUARY, 2025 – 11 JUNE, 2025


Spring Semester 2024

February 5Spring 2024 semester begins
February 5-9Orientation
February 10Classes begin
March 3-5Semester trip
March 10Beginning of Ramadan (Muslim holiday)
March 24Purim (Jewish holiday)
March 31Easter (Christian holiday)
April 9-12Eid al-Fitr (Muslim holiday)
April 22-29Passover (Jewish holiday) and semester break
May 6Holocaust Memorial Day
May 12-15Memorail days and Israeli Independence Day
June 6Last day of semester

*Some events may be subject to changes