Academic Calendar

The Arava Institute is at the forefront of environmental studies and research in the Middle East.

Academic Calendar

The academic year at the Arava Institute is divided into two semesters. The fall semester conventionally begins in September/ October – January and the spring semester from February – June.The Arava Semester/Study Abroad Program is a full time residential program. The academic week is from Sunday to Thursday. Classes typically meet twice a week for a period of 90 minutes. Periodically there are workshops or seminars on a weekend, either Friday or Saturday.


FALL SEMESTER 2020            13 OCTOBER, 2020 – 7 JANUARY, 2021

SPRING SEMESTER 2021      8 FEBRUARY, 2021 – 10 JUNE, 2021

Spring semester 2020
February 10          Start of spring 2020 semester
February 10-14    Orientation
February 15           Classes begin
March 8-9               Peace- Building Leadership (PLS) trip
March 10                 Purim (Jewish Holiday)
March 22-24          Spring Semester trip
April 8-18                Passover break (No class- semester break)
April 20                    National Holocaust Memorial Day
April 24                    Start of Ramadan
April 28                    Yom Hazikaron: Remembrance Day
April 29                    Yom HaAtzmaut: Independence Day
May 23-24               Eid Al Fitr (End of Muslim Ramadan holiday)
May 28-29               Shavuot (Jewish holiday)
June 10                    End of spring 2020 semester

Fall semester 2020
October 13, 2020     First day of fall semester 2020
October 13-17           Orientation

October 18                  Classes begin
December 10-18        Hanukkah
December 25              Christmas Day ( No class)
January 7, 2021         Last day of fall semester 2020

Spring semester 2021
February 8, 2021        First Day of spring semester 2021
February 8-13              Orientation
February 25-26           Purim (Jewish Holiday)
March 28-5 April         Passover Vacation (No class)
April 8                             National Holocaust memorial day
April 12                           Start of Ramadan
April 14                           National Memorial Day (No class)
April 15                           National Independence Day (No class)
May 12                            Eid Al Fitr – End of Ramadan (No class)
June 10, 2021              Last day of spring semester 2021