GreenInMed is a three-year project sponsored by the EU in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Capenergies (a French sustainability cluster), Kinneret College, the Israeli Water Association, and the Arava Institute’s Center for Transboundary Water Management. The project’s official launch took place on November 2019 in Malaga, Spain.

The partners are developing innovative energy and water saving products and services for small and medium sized enterprises for tourism in the Mediterranean region. This integrated approach offers a wide range of eco-innovations like seawater air conditioning (SWAC), water/energy saving devices for spa, and garden/golf course irrigation, which have a high degree of replication potential in other sectors and can be adopted by other enterprises.

The goal is to create a cross-border support system through information management, networking, financial support and training. The project is geared mainly towards hotels, but not exclusively. The vision of this initiative is to encourage a collaborative sustainable mindset that accounts for current environmental challenges. The model aims to attract clients by providing resources to raise profit margins and presenting a competitive edge in green marketing.

Innovation Vouchers

Within the framework of the GREENinMED project, the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, and Kinneret Academic College launched a second call on October 14th, 2021, to select five small and medium-sized hotels to be granted an Eco-Innovation Voucher consultation, as well as a call for environmental experts to compete for the opportunity to provide their services as consultants. The value of the consultation provided is set at 2,000 Euro. The deadline for applications by hotels is December 31st, 2021. Please note that the deadline for consultant applications has been extended until January 10th, 2022.

Open call for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups in the tourism industry (in Hebrew)

Application form for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups in the tourism industry (in Hebrew)

Tender for provision of consultancy services (in Hebrew)

Application form for provision of consultancy services (in Hebrew)

The grantees of the Summer 2021 Innovation Vouchers are:

Each of the winners will be granted an eco-innovation consultancy according to their needs, by Hadas Peer or Yaakov Plaschkes, the two consultants who have been chosen.

Information Pills

The GREENinMED project aims to serve the hotel industry by fostering the introduction
of available or new technologies to become more efficient in water and energy
GREENinMED project partners will prepare information pills about interesting
technologies or new devices that may help hospitality companies gaining sustainability
in order to better disseminate these solutions among MED companies and partners.

Desalination (12/03/2020)

Greywater treatment by living wall and green roof systems (14/03/2020)

Hydrosense device (14/03/2020)

Hybrid solar panels (04/05/2020)

Pressure control valves for leaks minimization (05/06/2020)

Rack conveyor dishwashers (05/06/2020)

Ultrafiltration of swimming pool water (05/06/2020)

Micro wind turbine (21/07/2020)

Cooling tower treatment (09/08/2020)

UV disinfection (25/09/2020)

The importance of public-private collaboration (08/07/2021)

Green transition investments expected in Spain (08/08/2021)