Vertical Wall Greywater Treatment System

Vertical green wall greywater treatment and reuse system

The system

The Vertical Green Wall Greywater Treatment and Reuse System is currently being tested as a pilot project in several Bedouin communities in Israel’s Negev region. Here, it provides an innovative solution to limited access to water, sanitation, and electricity these communities face.The system includes three solar panels that allow it to function completely off-grid, and batteries which are being charged during the day for the technology to continue running smoothly at night.

System stages

  • Pre-treatment stage: anaerobic digestion via plastic polypropylene (PP) fixed substrate to reduce by 40% the organic load (e.g.: fats, oils, grease), tube clarifier for organic biomass settling, the secondary sludge breaks down to CO2 and CH4 (there is no sludge build-up).
  • Treatment stage: vertical green wall bio-filtration trickling filter that produces effluent for irrigation. The system includes a 3 day emergency tank for Influent and Effluent.
Laguna Innovation diagram
Process flow diagram (PFD) of the Vertical Green Wall Technology

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