Dr. Elli Groner

Dr. Elli Groner completed his B.Sc and M.Sc degrees in Environmental Biology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He then went on to complete a Ph.D. in Ecology at Leeds University in the United Kingdom.

Elli specializes in desert biodiversity and ecosystem services. His research involves comparing arid and hyper-arid ecosystems in their structure, function and services. Elli investigates food-webs and the integrity of ecosystems and how they are self-organized differently in arid and hyper-arid ecosystems. He specializes in desert arthropods and his favorite creatures are darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae). He recently found a new species to science of weevil that was named Brachycerus groneri.

He is working on ecosystem integrity of the desert including the link between biodiversity, ecosystem and landscape ecology. He works on restoration of disturbed areas like the Evrona oil spill, the Ashalim acid damage and how to maintain their integrity. He works on the link between ecosystem integrity and services in the desert. This project involves working with our neighbors across the border. He is also in charge of the national monitoring of acacia trees and studies other aspects of them. Elli runs research in 2 Long Term Ecological Research sites (Wadi Shita and Ramon) and one LTSER (Socio-Ecology) in the Arava. Recently Elli started a research on climate change impact on the ecology of arid environments.

Elli lives in Mitzpe Ramon with his wife and three children.

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