Rina Kedem

Rina Kedem is the Coordinator of the Arava Institute’s Environmental Leadership Seminar.

Rina studied at the Arava Institute from 2006-2007 and received her Undergraduate Degree from Prescott College in Arizona and holds a Master’s Degree in International Community Development from Hebrew University and is currently working on her PhD in Community Development and Environmental Conservation Across Borders in the Department of Geography at Hebrew University.

Rina helped found a multi-cultural center for peace and ecology at the Almog- Jericho junction, an area accessible to Israelis and Palestinians, and was part of a volunteer team that has built a network of ecological villages in Israel (GEN- Israel).

Rina believes in peace between people, and the land, and is part of an international network of projects and communities that are involved in this work. She lives with her family at Kibbutz Lotan.