Youth Environmental Education Peace Initiative

Youth Environmental Education Peace Initiative (YEEPI)

Designed by Arava Institute alumni and faculty, the Youth Environmental Education Peace Initiative is revolutionizing the segregated education system in Israel by establishing partnerships between Jewish and Arab high schools. YEEPI is the only school-centered network for peacebuilding in Israel. These partnerships focus around a single innovation and a common goal – the health and protection of our shared environment.  The YEEPI program uses a custom-designed curriculum, taught by Arava Institute alumni, to teach 10th grade students intercultural communication skills that increase trust and understanding between Jewish and Arab Israelis/Palestinians, and enable them to tackle joint projects on environmental issues. YEEPI has received recognition and support from the United States Institute of Peace, USAID, The Friedman Foundation, and individual donors. To date, YEEPI has educated over 500 students, engaged 20 teachers, and reached over 200 parents, building long-term positive relationships that increase trust and positive perceptions within these communities.