Dr. Avigail Morris

profile photo of Dr. Avigail MorrisLecturer, Anthropologist and Researcher for the Dead Sea & Arava Science Center

Dr. Avigail Morris has been associated with the Arava Institute as a researcher and lecturer since 1997. She is currently also the Institute’s Internship Coordinator.

In 1988, with the support of the Jerusalem Center for Anthropological Studies, Dr. Morris developed a program for teaching anthropology to children and young adults. For the past 33 years she has taught cultural anthropology at all levels of education. Over the years she has also taught several seminars and workshops on qualitative research methodology with an emphasis on ethnographic fieldwork.

In 1994 Dr. Morris conducted research in the Kingdom of Tonga in Polynesia for her doctoral thesis on Playing to a New Rhythm: An Ethnography of Female Games and Sport in the Kingdom of Tonga. Her fieldwork involved an in-depth study on traditional and changing gender roles, and status among both urban and rural women in Tonga. In 2011-12 she returned to Tonga once again to update her thesis, and to study informal incomes amongst Tongan women.

From 2004-2008 Dr. Morris was a committee member of the Israeli Anthropological Association, and served as the representative for applied anthropologists in Israel.


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