Dr. Aviva Peeters

Aviva Peeters is a research associate at Ben-Gurion University and at the Dead-Sea & Arava Science Center. In addition she heads an R&D company specializing in developing decision support systems to optimize decision-making in complex environments. She teaches geographical information systems and science (GIS) for environmental sciences at the Arava Institute and at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
Aviva completed her first degree at the Technion in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning and her Masters and PhD at Ben-Gurion University. Her thesis focused on the analysis of urban morphology and urban microclimate from satellite imagery. She completed her postdoctoral research at The Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment in the Hebrew University, combined with Volcani Institute and the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bio-economy in Germany.

Aviva’s particular interest is in developing analytical tools and new information-theoretic paradigms to quantify the structure of complex systems and to uncover patterns within large databases. She specializes in modeling spatial phenomena for solving real-world problems and developing applied solutions. Her research combines modeling of both human and natural environments and their interactions. Her recent research projects include development of decision support systems for sustainable management of agricultural crops, analysis of self-organization of vegetation in arid areas, analysis of urban forestry and urban microclimate and developing models for sustainable management of urban runoff.