The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies offers the only academic program in the Middle East to provide Palestinians, Jordanians, Israelis and international students an educational opportunity to live, study and work together.


Scholarship funds are essential to providing capable students with the means to pay for a full semester of study, and for developing these students into environmental leaders with the necessary skills to enact change in their communities. The Support-a-Student Scholarship Program provides a community with the opportunity to support the attendance of a Middle Eastern student at the Arava Institute for a year. Read more about this opportunity here.


Students from a wide variety of institutions in the United States, Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, and other countries have studied at the Arava Institute since 1996. Some of these institutions are academic affiliates, institutions that have pre-approved the Arava Institute. In some cases, this means that students at these institutions can apply their financial aid to Arava Institute tuition.

See the full list of Academic Affiliates here.

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The Arava Institute is the premier institution for multidisciplinary environmental research in the region. Please visit our Research Centers page to learn more about each of our transboundary research centers and to learn about our partner research projects.

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