Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

The academic year at the Arava Institute is divided into two semesters of approximately 15 weeks each. The fall semester conventionally begins in September/ October – January and the spring semester from February – June.

The Arava Semester/Study Abroad Program is a full time residential program. The academic week is from Sunday to Thursday. Classes typically meet twice a week for a period of 90 minutes. Periodically there are workshops or seminars on a weekend, either Friday or Saturday.

Academic Calendar for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Fall SEMESTER 2018     12 september 2018 – 3 january 2019
spring semester 2019     12 february 2019 – 13 june 2019

Fall semester 2018

September 3-7                     Early Hebrew program for students with MASA program

September 9-11                   Rosh Hashanah holiday

September 12                  Start of the fall 2018 semester

September 12-16                 Orientation

September 16                       Classes begin

September 18                       Eve of Yom Kippur-Jewish Holiday (no classes)

September 19                       Yom Kippur-Jewish Holiday (no classes)

September 21                       Regional trip

Sept. 30 – Oct. 1                   Sukkot-Jewish Holiday begins (no classes)

October 12-13                       Simchat Torah-Jewish Holiday (no classes)

December 13-20                  Chanukah- Jewish Holiday begins (classes as usual)

December 23-30                  Final exams

December 25                        Christmas Day Christian holiday (no classes)

December 31                         New Years Eve

January 3                              Last day of semester

Jan. 6 – Feb. 1                  Optional Partner Program: Green Apprenticeship


Spring semester 2019

February 12                          Start of spring 2019 semester

March 20-21                        Purim (No class)

April 19-26                           Passover vacation (No class)

May 1                                     Holocaust memorial day

May 5                                     Start of Ramadan (No class)

May 8                                     Yom Hazikaron: Remembrance Day (No class)

May 9                                     Yom HaAtzmot: Independence Day (No class)

May 20-21                             Shavuot (No class)

June 5                                    End of Muslim Ramadan holiday

June 9                                    Shavuot (No class)

June 13                                  Last day of spring 2019 semester