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Arava communities represent groups of people who come together to support our students and build a direct relationship with them. Arava communities can be collections of private individuals, churches, synagogues, school classes, boy and girl scout troops,  environmental groups, civic organizations, and any other group that wants to further peace and environmental sustainability.

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About the Support-a-Student Scholarship Program:

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is training the next generation of environmental leaders and bringing the people of the Middle East closer together. Even in the face of ongoing political strife, more and more qualified applicants from Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian territories want to study at the Arava Institute.

The Support-A-Student Scholarship Program provides a community with the opportunity to support the attendance of a Middle Eastern student at the Arava Institute for a year. The community also connects personally with its student through letters, video-chats, and where possible, personal visits.

Fulfillment of the AIES mission depends upon its ability to accept those students who can best contribute to the fulfillment of that mission, regardless of their personal financial capabilities. As the vast majority of Middle Eastern students lack the necessary educational funding resources, our scholarship granting ability is critical. An $18,000 scholarship covers the full cost of one year’s tuition, room and board, activities and eco-study trips, as well as a visit to the United States.

Today, over 700 alumni of the Arava Institute are making significant contributions towards addressing global environmental challenges and in so doing, creating lasting connections between people. Their journey starts with the exceptional environmental education provided at AIES, where they live, study and work in a unique community environment.

About the Arava Community:

The Arava Institute is the premier environmental studies program and research center in the Middle East. The Institute offers the only program for students of all nationalities and faiths, including Israelis, Palestinians, and Jordanians, to study and live together in a unique desert environment.

All students participate in the Peace-Building Leadership Seminar (PLS). PLS develops students’ leadership skills and provides them with a facilitated forum for expressing their views on race, religion, culture, identity, and the current political situation.

Only with your support do we pioneer the next generation of environmental leaders.

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