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Off-grid technology innovations have recently sparked an extensive amount of enthusiasm, curiosity and media coverage.  The newly established EE HUB (village) is at the forefront of these innovations with cutting edge research and development of off-grid products and technologies. The HUB is located at the Arava Institute’s Daniel Fischel and Sylvia Neil Family Research and Visitor’s Park on Kibbutz Ketura, and is dedicated to bringing off-grid technologies into developing markets using strategic partnerships in target countries.

The Off Grid Village exhibits different styles of inexpensive and rapid deployed structures that are used for research testing and validation, demonstration and showcasing of ecosystems and off grid product solutions for energy, water and agriculture needs. These products could be invaluable to underserviced populations not connected to their national grids.

For additional information about the structures and technologies go to

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

Kibbutz Ketura
D.N. Hevel Eilot 88840, Israel 
TEL 972-8-6356618
FAX 972-8-6356634

Friends of the Arava Institute

1320 Centre Street, Suite 206
Newton Centre, MA 02459, USA
TEL 1-617-266-7100


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