• Nature Knows No Borders
    The Arava Institute is the premier environmental studies and research program in the Middle East.
  • Peace-building is integral to
    identifying long-term solutions
    Join us this fall as an intern or a student.
  • Environmental leadership means
    building trust and acting together
    Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians, and students from around the globe emerge as friends and colleagues.

Arava Institute Research & Development Centers

  • The Center for
    Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation

  • The Center for
    Trans-boundary water management

  • The Center for
    Sustainable Agriculture

  • The Center for

  • The Arava Center
    for sustainable development

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies offers a life-changing academic program that brings students together using environmental study as a shared goal. At the Arava Institute students learn the essential skills required for becoming future environmental leaders.

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Film Release

Biogas Project

The Arava Institute is pleased to announce the release of the film The Arava Institute Biogas Project. In the Middle East, many rural communities suffer from a lack of municipal services such as waste management and energy provision. Without access to such services, off-grid communities struggle to find a sustainable energy source and to properly dispose of their animal waste. The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is using biogas technology to help address these needs in underserved communities in Israel’s Bedouin community, Palestine, and Jordan. Watch the full video here. 


Accepting Applications

Study or Intern

Candidates from all over the world are welcome to apply for the academic or internship programs for 2015-2016.

STUDY: The Arava Institute offers a university-level, interdisciplinary academic program where participants receive a cutting-edge environmental education and take part in the regional peace-building process with students from all over the world.

INTERN: An internship at the Arava Institute is an opportunity to contribute substantively to trans-boundary research while gaining valuable experience.

News from the Arava Institute

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