Remembering Yael Gat z”l

It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the death of our student Yael Gat. Originally from Jerusalem, Yael joined the Institute this spring semester after finishing her military service. She was 22 at the time of her death. 

Yael was curious, engaging, brilliantly intelligent, and always ready for a laugh. Her brightness and keen intellect were apparent immediately, yet she made sure to never let her knowledge and experience triumph over innocence and kindness. In life, friendship came first.  

Stability and trust are rare, but Yael was an irreplaceable source of both to the student and staff community. Keenly devoted to environmentalism in all forms, Yael shared her love of poetry and literature with her fellow students, aware of the unique ability creative arts have to address climate change, broadening the minds of all those around her about what being an environmentalist means. Outside of class, she was a never-ending rock of advice: whether it be how to perfect a cookie recipe, help studying for a mid-term, or just lending a compassionate ear.  

We share our deepest condolences with Yael’s family and friends. She will be greatly missed by all. 


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