Alumni Projects

Today over 800 Arava Institute alumni form a far-reaching network through the Middle East, North America, and other parts of the world. AIES alumni continue to demonstrate their ability to cooperatively develop and champion innovative solutions to environmental problems by contributing to transboundary research, education, and policy.

Check back for a list of additional alumni projects in the Middle East and North America.

Current alumni projects include:

  • Biogas Reactors for Rural Communities

    One of the many Alumni Projects currently taking place, Arava Institute alumni are implementing sustainable development solutions for rural communities.

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  • Palestine Wildlife Society

    In partnership with the Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS) and the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF), a team of alumni from the Arava Institute are developing a youth environmental education center, housed in the headquarters of the Palestine Wildlife Society in Beit Sahour, Palestinian Territories. The center

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  • Masar

    Masar is a youth organization, involving youth activists in analyzing needs of youth in Jordan and the Middle East with the aim of designing projects to address these needs. Masar implements projects in the fields of democracy education, peace and conflict resolution, human rights, gender,

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