End of Spring 2018 Semester

Last week we said goodbye to the 53 participants of the spring 2018 semester. After the last final exam on Sunday, the next few days were spent in closing activities and saying farewell after a semester full of learning and making new connections.

The highlights of the final week were the student run final party with a “Four Elements” theme, and the festive graduation ceremony. The ceremony included addresses by Dr. Deborah Sandler, chair of the Track II Environmental Forum, and alumna Zohar Weiss, as well as an emotional speech by student representatives Amer Dajani, John Erum and Roi Maayan.

We wish the best of luck to our newest group of alumni, and look forward to learning about their future adventures.

[testimonial by=”Roi Maayan”]You are all a source of hope. Just as solar panels generate electricity from the sun, we generate hope from the energy between us, the love that we share, and the things we are doing together. I believe that we should continue to generate this hope for ourselves and also for others.[/testimonial]




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