Biodiversity of Sand Dunes

During the week before Passover, some of our students participated in a week-long Biodiversity of Sand Dunes workshop with Dr. Uri Shanas in cooperation with Oranim Academic College. Credit goes to Dr. Uri Shanas for the photos & captions below of their research:

Stenodactylus dorian or Middle Eastern short fingered gecko. In Israel it is a critically endangered species. In Hebrew: ישימונית תמע

Cerastes gasperettii or Arabian horned viper. In Hebrew: עכן גדול

Buthacus yotvantensis. Yotvata scorpion. Highly venomous. In Hebrew: עקרבחול יטבתהץ. Here, it fluoresces under UV light.

Paraechinus aethiopicus or Desert hedgehog. In Hebrew: קיפוד מדבר

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