End of Fall 2017 semester

Last week we welcomed 46 new graduates to the Arava Institute alumni network, as the Fall 2017 semester came to and end. The last few days after the students’ final exams were spent in summary activities and saying goodbye after a semester filled with learning and adventure.

As always, one highlight of the final week was the festive graduation ceremony held on Tuesday afternoon. Following speeches from Arava Institute alumni and faculty, participants Hala Abu Ali, Lindsey Bressler and Ofer Schechner spoke about their experience studying and living in a multicultural community in the past few months, and how it has impacted their lives and world views.

[testimonial by=”Ofer Schechner”]I want to fight for this world and land to be a better place. I said it more than once and I want to say again, that all of us [Arava Institute] graduates in the past, present and future have a huge responsibility – to build, construct, plan, organize, demonstrate, march, cry, yell, listen, talk, be trustful, defend the weak, ask, be curious, be ourselves, educate, be brave, and bring real solutions – scientific, political, environmental, economic, social and personal solutions.[/testimonial]



We salute the Fall 2017 alumni and wish them luck in their future endeavors!

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