Join Us March 12th!

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is launching a six-part webinar series to highlight the groundbreaking environmental research and trans-boundary partnerships happening every day at the Arava Institute.

Arava Institute Executive Director, David Lehrer, will present the first of this six-part series March 12th at 12:00pm EST.  During this hour-long webinar, David will discuss the current conflict between the Bedouin Community of the Negev and the State of Israel. David will also look at the role the KKL plays in this conflict and the positive impact the Jewish National Fund (JNF) USA projects can have on the Bedouin Communities and on the Negev as a whole.

The presentation promises to be an interesting and informative session on an increasingly pressing topic in Israeli policy. Please sign-up today!

To register for the webinar, email Elizabeth Green or call (617) 266-7100.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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