Photo Essay: Butterfly research in the Arava desert

Fall 2016 intern Nora Haack spent the semester researching butterflies with the Center for Hyper-Arid Socio-Ecology. She captured some of her explorations in this unique photo essay.

Vanessa cardui autumn migration in Nachal Shita. Long distance migrants, come from Europe through Israel and go all the way to Africa (in several generations). In spring they will be the migrating back to the North of Israel. Between October 19th and November 21st I observed them in Ketura and Nachal Shita, then they disappeared again. I am looking for different factors that determine their migration. (Photo by: Nora Haack)

Pontia glauconome, a typical desert butterfly from the family of Pieridae (whites) in the Wadi outside Kibbutz Ketura. (Photos by: Nora Haack)
Eremiaphila brunneri, a typical desert mantis species, characterized by their short wings and their perfect camouflage in the rocky surroundings of the Wadis. Caught on the Arava Institute campus. (Photo by: Nora Haack)
Deudorix livia, Eilat (Photo by: Benny Shalmon)
Azanus ubaldus, mating; Eilat. Feeds on Acacia and is found in large numbers also in Ketura and Nachal Shita. (Photo by: Benny Shalmon)
Taurucus balkanicus, Eilat (Photo by: Benny Shalmon) 










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