Seminar: Solar energy for regional development in the Bedouin community

In July the Arava Institute hosted a seminar on Solar energy as a catalyst for regional development in the Bedouin community in cooperation with the Bedouin Society for Off-Grid and Unrecognized Villages in the Eastern Negev region. This seminar is part of a series of lectures, trainings, and capacity building activities run by the Institute since January 2023, with the goal of providing sustainable solutions for renewable energy, water conservation and production, wastewater treatment, agriculture, and a circular economy, in order to strengthen Bedouin communities in the Negev. 

During the 5-day seminar participants were introduced to renewable energy initiatives, such as the Shamsune organisation for the promotion of solar energy in the Bedouin sector, and the Laguna Innovation vertical green wall greywater treatment and reuse system, and joined in the installation of a Laguna Innovation system at a local highschool in Alfura.  

The group toured renewable energy sites in the Arava region, as well as the Shaharut settlement in the Hevel Eilot regional council, where they discussed its interaction with State institutions regarding the recognition of infrastructure, and intentions for its future town planning.  

The seminar concluded with a tour led by Raad Abu Al-Qian, a leading entrepreneur in the field of solar energy in the Bedouin community, through solar fields in recognized and unrecognized villages, where the group met with local residents to hear about challenges and opportunities in the field.  


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