Diversity on Campus

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Diversity on Campus

Since participants come from many continents, languages, diverse customs and opinions to the Arava Institute, cultural exchange and curiosity is part of the everyday life.  Students live in a shared campus, study together, and eat meals in the dining hall.

Every effort is made to provide a comfortable living arrangement in each apartment unit. Typically, between four to eight students (and interns) live in a unit together; each participant shares a bedroom and bathroom with another participant of their same gender. Dormitories are separate for males and females. Differences in nationality, religion, age, language, and social norms are part of the community, and issues that arise are solved between students with the support of the Campus Life Team.

In addition to casual social gatherings, the program offers activities to direct cultural discussions and exchange. Programs vary each semester according to the unique needs of the current group of participants. Students take an active role in organizing holiday celebrations, shared meals, gatherings, and music sessions. At least once a semester, students, staff, and community members take part in Culture Night where participants gather to share aspects and traditions from their cultures—from clothing and food, to song and dance.

Aside from planned cultural events, we strongly encourage students to learn about other cultures by their own initiative outside of the classroom. Many students organize language exchanges, trips, and cultural or religious activities beyond the formal program to share with their friends and community.