Before arriving in Israel, all international students and interns must arrange appropriate travel and health insurance and provide policy information to the Admissions Coordinator.

  • In addition to the recommended health insurance coverage for international students, included in the fees for the Arava Institute program is an Israeli KUPAT HOLIM health insurance policy for non-Israelis.
  • This Kupat Holim policy covers the most common cases of our students’ needs; illness, accidents and hospitalization if needed. The policy does not cover: preexisting conditions, dental care, terminal illnesses, or issues relating to pregnancy; or fees for medication of any kind(there is a discount), or ambulance fees.
  • The Kupat Holim policy is a basic medical insurance plan that covers treatment in the infirmary at the local regional clinic at Yotvata (a 10-minute drive away) and elsewhere within the State of Israel. It also covers hospitalization in Kupat Holim hospitals only.
  • In the event that a medical need arises that is excluded by the KUPAT HOLIM policy, such as a pre-existing condition or prescriptions, students will be required to make direct payment – in this case insurance from the student’s home country may enable the student to recover those funds.
  • All overseas students and interns (from outside the Middle East) must come with travel insurance. Please email a copy of your travel insurance policy to once it has been acquired.
  • Students planning to travel outside of Israel must come with their own travel insurance, as the Kupat Cholim insurance only covers care within Israel.

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