Visa Information

All international students except for Masa participants must arrange for an Israeli student visa in their home country.  It is advised to do this at least a month prior to coming to Israel. Upon arrival to Israel you will also receive an entry card which you must keep for the duration of your trip. If you have questions about the visa process, please contact All students and interns must send a scanned copy of their visa to upon successful completion of the visa process.


  • Please contact the Admissions Coordinator at for more information.


  • Non Middle-Eastern students are required to contact the nearest Israeli Consulate office to arrange for a Student A-2 Multiple-Entry visa for one year. You must confirm in advance which personal documents you will need to submit.
  • The Arava Institute will provide you with an official acceptance letter and an acceptance letter in Hebrew from Ben Gurion University.
  • In addition, Masa students and interns should bring to the consulate any Masa documents that have been received.
  • It is recommended that you make yourselves an extra copy of all documents submitted to the consulate.
  • Students who are Israeli citizens and/or hold Israeli passports must arrange for their own Israeli army release documents according to Israeli law.


  • Please contact the Admissions Coordinator at for more information.e