Student Residences

Life on Campus

Students live in spacious, air-conditioned dormitories on the main campus. The dormitories consist of living units and caravans (each four rooms together with a shared kitchenette). Typically, up to eight students live in one unit/caravan, with two students sharing a bedroom and bathroom. The dormitories also include a large common space with a kitchen that is used for communal studying, socializing, and hosting events.

Differences in nationality, religion, age, language, and social norms are explored in day to day life on campus.  Guided by their campus life staff, roommates have to decide their household policies regarding kosher/non-kosher food, Sabbath observance, Muslim alcohol prohibitions, vegan needs, composting, water use, cleaning responsibilities and how to celebrate different religious and national holidays.

Dormitories are within walking distances to classrooms, the AIES offices, the dining hall, laundry, sports facilities, and the library.

Students eat in the kibbutz dining hall with kibbutz members, staff, volunteers, and visitors. They use kibbutz facilities, such as communal laundry and recycling, and participate as volunteers in the dining hall once each semester. Students are also encouraged to take part in kibbutz events and holidays. Also, students often mingle with kibbutz members and volunteers at a kibbutz pub, which is open a few days a week.

Friends and family love to visit you at the Arava Institute. We welcome your guests, but we must keep in mind the issues of food, lodging, and atmosphere:

Remember that meals in the Dining Room are not free (the Institute pays for them and must account for your guests).  Also consider the atmosphere on campus. Respect each others’ needs for quiet, privacy, and academic work space.


*All requests must be approved by the Campus Life Coordinator*

  • Please notify the CLC about guests as early as possible. There is a limit to how many guests we can have on kibbutz at one time, and they must be approved ahead of time.
  • If guests are coming for a weekend, you must get them approved by Tuesday at the latest to secure them a space in the dining hall on Friday night.
  • Students may have no more than two guests at a time.
  • Student guests can stay for no more than two nights/three days.
  • Guests should eat NO MORE THAN 6 meals in the Dining Hall. Keep track of how many and which meals your guests eat. All meals must be reported to the CLC immediately after the visit. Additional meals must be paid for to the CLC in the Campus Life office.
  • Each student is allowed to have guests a maximum of three times in a semester.
  • You are responsible for hosting your guests in your room or unit – this must be acceptable to all unit members and roommates. Alternatively, your guests may opt to stay at Keren Kolot, Kibbutz Ketura’s guest house or other accommodation in the area. Please ask about rates in the Keren Kolot lobby.
  • NO PETS are allowed to visit!
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