Technology on Campus

Technology on Campus

Wireless internet

Wi-Fi is available throughout the Arava Institute’s campus, including residence halls and the student lounge. Wi-Fi is also available in many areas of Kibbutz Ketura and is generally available in most public places throughout the state of Israel.


Make sure your computer can operate with 220 volts / 50Hz. You may need a transformer or voltage converter; check with a qualified service person. You may need to purchase and or download specific software for certain classes or projects.

There are a limited number of computers to distribute to students who do not arrive with a computer. Many of these computers are older, do not allow certain features, and may need to be shared; it is highly advantageous to bring a laptop if you have one. If you are not intending to come with a computer please tell us as soon as possible.

The Institute does NOT provide support for personal hardware issues including but not limited to supply or advice on speakers, external storage media (disks on key), batteries, etc. We can give you names of local vendors who repair computers and supply parts and accessories. The Institute is not responsible for service at outside vendors.

The institute is not responsible for personal computer problems including but not limited to lack of memory, outdated programs, purchase and connection of accessories, etc.


The vast majority of computers in Israel are “IBM” format, including all of those at the Institute. You may have problems finding qualified “Mac” service technicians if you need them.