Transportation, Arrival & Departure

At the beginning of each semester, we arrange transportation for all the students and interns to arrive to the Arava Institute together. Students will meet in Tel Aviv at 10:00 to allow for the bus to leave at 10:30, make a stop in Jerusalem, and then head south to Kibbutz Ketura, your home for the next 4 months. 

On the last day of the semester, transportation will be organized from the Institute to Jerusalem and then to Tel Aviv, leaving Kibbutz Ketura at approximately 13:00, arriving in Jerusalem at approximately 18:00 and Tel Aviv at approximately 20:00.  International students should book their return tickets accordingly. 

Although there are students on campus during the weekends and breaks, during the semester many students choose to travel, often being hosted in the homes of classmates or alumni that they meet on the program. The Arava Road, or Highway 90, runs just outside the main kibbutz gate, with public buses going south to Eilat (a resort city on the Red Sea that borders Aqaba, Jordan) and north to the Dead Sea (two hours away), Be’er Sheva (three hours away), Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (each four hours away). Students can also visit Eilat and the neighboring communities with the local regional bus which enters the Kibbutz.

Spring 2024 arrival information