Student Residences

Life on Campus

Students live in spacious, air-conditioned dormitories on the main campus. The dormitories consist of living units and caravans (each four rooms together with a shared kitchenette). Typically, up to eight students live in one unit/caravan, with two students sharing a bedroom and bathroom. The dormitories also include a large common space with a kitchen that is used for communal studying, socializing, and hosting events.

Differences in nationality, religion, age, language, and social norms are explored in day to day life on campus.  Guided by their campus life staff, roommates have to decide their household policies regarding kosher/non-kosher food, Sabbath observance, Muslim alcohol prohibitions, vegan needs, composting, water use, cleaning responsibilities and how to celebrate different religious and national holidays.

Dormitories are within walking distances to classrooms, the AIES offices, the dining hall, laundry, sports facilities, and the library.

Students eat in the kibbutz dining hall with kibbutz members, staff, volunteers, and visitors. They use kibbutz facilities, such as communal laundry and recycling, and participate as volunteers in the dining hall once each semester. Students can choose to further their connection to the Kibbutz through “adopted” Kibbutz families. Families might host students in their homes, during family activities, or for occasional meals. Students are also encouraged to take part in kibbutz events and holidays. Also, students often mingle with kibbutz members and volunteers at a kibbutz pub, which is open a few days a week.